The report by foreigners

Conveyor belt sushi Uoki Kobe Motomachi Store

We stock fresh, seasonal fish every day from stores directly managed by fresh fish shops. Our specialties, such as conger eel and tuna, are this store's popular staple items. The seasonal fish from our fresh, unique shop are praised daily from customers. Takeout is also available, so when you're passing through Motomachi, Kobe, please stop by and enjoy our sushi topped with fresh fish.

■The voice by international students
Yoon yejin(Korea)
It's run directly by a fishmonger, so it was very fresh!
So fresh, but so cheap! We were very surprised.
Even local residents were surprised by how low the prices were.
If you want to eat sushi for cheap in Japan, this place is recommended!

Yoon Sungwon(Korea)
My eyes were drawn to a restaurant just next to the Kobe beef restaurant.
It was a sushi-go-round.
What made me notice this store was its prices.
At first I couldn't believe a restaurant could sell such quality at such prices.
Even though one piece didn't even cost 100 yen, the sushi looked incredible.
I thought that if I lived nearby, by all means I would definitely want to buy some of it.

UOKI originally opened shop in 1971, as a fresh fish vendor.
This restaurant's standard fare includes premium anago (conger eel) and maguro (tuna), which are also their most popular dishes.
UOKI also offers take-out sushi and seafood donburi (rice bowls).
You should definitely stop by at least once if you have a chance in the near future.

▲ Takeout is also available

Conveyor belt sushi Uoki Kobe Motomachi Store
■Address1-10-3, Motomachidori, Chuo-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 650-0022, Japan
■Opening Hours11:00~21:00

Internation students who mentioned the impressions this time
Yoon yejin(Korea)
■ My path to studying abroad in Japan
Spurred on by a trip to Japan during high school, I studied Japanese for a year and a half after graduating, and then came to Japan for study.

■ Current activities
I am currently a 3rd year university student.
I focus on town planning and regional revitalization in my studies.

■ Things I like about Japan
I like the Kiyomizu-dera and Ryōan-ji temples. I like them because I feel calm when I am there!

Yoon Sungwon(Korea)
■ My path to studying abroad in Japan
After graduating junior college as a Japanese language major, I prepared myself for studying abroad, got accepted to a Japanese university, and am currently studying in Japan.

■ Current activities
I am majoring in psychology at university. I am still a 1st year so I cannot say anything concrete, but I am most interested in consumer psychology, and am performing experiments and research about consumer psychology at university, too.

■ Things I like about Japan
I like that Japanese people do not express their interest in other people. Of course, Japanese people will take an interest and wonder what other people are doing, but they will not express that externally. I think that is good, and it shows a unique form of Japanese consideration for others. Additionally, I like Japanese food and find that the food culture here suits me well.

usagi (Taiwan)
■ My path to studying abroad in Japan
I began to look up to Japan after watching Slum Dunk on television as an elementary school student. That led me to study Japanese after finishing high school. This is my 5th year in Japan.

■ Current activities
Recently, I am crazy about travel! I live in Kyoto, and lately I have been entranced by Kyoto's charm after visiting various ancient sites such as Gion, Kiyomizu-dera, and Inari-taisha, and experiencing Kyoto's historic culture. I just love Kyoto! I also want to travel further afield in the future, so I am working a part-time job to save up money now.

■ Things I like about Japan
I love sakura cherry blossoms. They make me feel at peace every time I see them!
I also like the look of Japanese towns. Petals on the ground, old Kyoto machiya townhouses, pretty little flowers in front of people's homes, children and parents playing together... it is like something out of a TV drama. I love how beautiful and calming it all is.

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