The report by foreigners

Handmade Udon Kyoya Motomachi Store

A store specializing in Japanese dishes, such as handmade udon, soba, and rice bowls. Loved by everyone for over 30 years as the place to eat your daily meals. In addition, in the old days it was originally founded as a kimono shop, and even now you can see remnants from that time throughout the store. The 2nd floor also has plenty of space to relax, so when you come to Motomachi, Kobe, please take your time and unwind at our store while enjoying one of our specialty meals.

■The voice by international students
ZHANG Yanさん(台湾)
When you come to Kobe Motomachi shopping district, if you don’t eat udon at “KYOYA” , you’ll regret it!
I went to the handmade Japanese udon and soba restaurant “KYOYA” for lunch.
I ordered the cutlet curry udon.
Today is rainy and a little bit cold, but I’m happy because the curry udon makes my body warm.
It goes without saying, it’s very delicious~!
After I finished eating, it became exactly 2 pm and I got a rice flour dumpling as a special service.
(They serve a delicious dessert as a special service for customers who are there at 2 pm♪ Lucky♪)
They were fantastic. Thank you.

Today I got to enjoy Udon Tempura Nabe at Kyoya.
[[[Kyoya]]] is an udon shop that gets packed around lunchtime, and you can get to it by walking just inside the entrance to Motomachi shopping district.
Once inside I enjoyed a warm, green leaf tea. It had a very deep, soothing effect. My friend, who ordered katsu curry also got a cool glass of water.
Their menu isn't only udon, there's also soba, tempura rice bowls, katsudon and other things...
This time I tried the Udon Ten-Nabe.
All of the udon is handmade so the noodles have a tender texture, while the smell of the broth emits a lightly sweet, desirable fragrance. It's so good I drank down the soup until it was all gone.
At 2:00 I was able to enjoy their white dumpling desert special. How lucky!!^^
The black sugar syrup and the roasted soy flour are a perfect match together!
I knew that I definitely had to come here again.

▲ Curry udon

▲ Dessert

▲ Delicious udon

Handmade Udon Kyoya Motomachi Store
■Address1-10-4, Motomachidori, Chuo-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 650-0022, Japan
■Opening Hours10:00~19:00

Internation students who mentioned the impressions this time
ZHANG Yan(Taiwan)
■ My path to studying abroad in Japan
I have liked Japanese anime and drama since middle school, and that has led to my love of Japanese culture. After graduating high school, I made the decision not to go to a Chinese university but to go to a Japanese one instead. Now, I am enjoying a fun and productive life at university in Japan.

■ Current activities
I am passionate about my seminar activities. My research theme is Sino-Japanese relations as seen through Japanese and Chinese joint production films. I am interested in the future of the China-Japan relationship, with its cold political relations but hot economic relations.

■ Things I like about Japan
Japanese people are all friendly and kind. Also, no matter where I go, the scenery is beautiful.
I particularly like Japanese history, so I love historic shrines and castles.

■ My path to studying abroad in Japan
I was born in Suzhou, China, and lived there until I was 19. I began to want to study in Japan since my 2nd year of high school, so I started to study Japanese after graduating. I came to Japan in 2011.

■ Current activities
I am currently really into training pets.

■ Things I like about Japan
I like Japanese deserts.

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