The report by foreigners

Hanamiya Kobe Motomachi Main Store

Founded in 1939, this is the main store of Hanamiya, known for its long-established "Arare" (Japanese cracker) specialty stores. Even now we continue to protect the enduring flavor that has been loved by fashionable residents of Kobe and foreigners alike. Created among the shops lined up in Motomachi, Kobe, this store's characteristic products are certainly "Ukiyo Arare." Using excellent Japanese gluinous rice and the rich waters nurtured by Kobe's Rokko, are grilled over charcoal with great care by an artisan.

■The voice by international students
ZHANG Yan(Taiwan)
If you're in Kobe's Motomachi shopping area, make sure to get some snacks at “HANAMIYA” , a specialty shop selling Arare (Japanese mochi crunch snacks). This main location “HANAMIYA” is a long-standing Arare specialty shop established in 1939.
They use the best Japanese mochi rice and bake it to create delicious, crunchy Arare. If you try it even once you'll be hooked♪
When you think of a typical Japanese snack, Arare definitely comes to mind. If you're ever in Kobe's Motomachi shopping area you have to come and get Arare souvenirs at "HANAMIYA".
Just looking at it makes me hungry.
The Konpeitō, or Japanese sugar candy, is really cute, isn't it?

Hanamiya is located at Motomachi 1-Bangai of the Motomachi shopping street.
Looking at the shop from outside, your can see that it features a very historical ambiance.
The shop interior is also brimming with historical ambiance.
According to the shop clerk, this "oyoshimi" is the best seller!
They have a variety of goods, huh!
With the careful wrapping, they would make for a great present♪
English, Korean, and Chinese are available, so you can shop with ease.
If you present your Happy Pass and spend 3,000 yen or more (tax included), you can receive a Japanese tea-towel as a special present!!
It somehow makes me want a tea-towel!

usagi (Taiwan)
HAMAMIYA is a long-standing "arare" specialty shop that is located at Motocho 1-Bancho.
Their use of the best ingredients is the secret to maintaining the same taste since the shop's establishment!
In the shop, they feature over 100 kinds of delicious arare.
As I asked them questions, the little old man and woman brought me arare samples while saying, "What to do? We should talk about something, right?". They were so cute. (^ω^)
It was delicious. Thank you!
Moreover, by presenting your Happy Pass, you can receive a Japanese tea-towel!
Please go and check it out!

Yoon yejin(Korea)
There aren't many chances to see it around, but "Arare" is a traditional Japanese sweet.
This was the real deal, so we were very excited.
They sold a variety of Japanese sweets, so there was fun to be had finding the sweet that suits your taste.
Perfect for gifts!

This store has been keeping with the Japanese tradition of "Wagashi" sweets for a long time.
At the original Hanamiya-store, the most well-known item is the "Ukiyo Arare".
I was happy because you can sample the Wagashi sweets.
You can really feel the special sense of pride that they put into this place.

▲ Japanese traditional snacks

▲ There are various types of rice crackers in the glass case.

▲ The most highly recommended

▲ Perfect as a gift

Hanamiya Kobe Motomachi Main Store
■Address2-6-6, Motomachidori, Chuo-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 650-0022, Japan
■Opening Hours9:30~20:30

Internation students who mentioned the impressions this time
ZHANG Yan(Taiwan)
■ My path to studying abroad in Japan
I have liked Japanese anime and drama since middle school, and that has led to my love of Japanese culture. After graduating high school, I made the decision not to go to a Chinese university but to go to a Japanese one instead. Now, I am enjoying a fun and productive life at university in Japan.

■ Current activities
I am passionate about my seminar activities. My research theme is Sino-Japanese relations as seen through Japanese and Chinese joint production films. I am interested in the future of the China-Japan relationship, with its cold political relations but hot economic relations.

■ Things I like about Japan
Japanese people are all friendly and kind. Also, no matter where I go, the scenery is beautiful.
I particularly like Japanese history, so I love historic shrines and castles.

■ My path to studying abroad in Japan
I like Japanese anime, so I decided to study in Japan after graduating high school. I attended a Japanese language school for around three months before finally coming to Japan in April 2011.

■ Current activities
I am currently working hard studying welfare. If I get the opportunity, I would also like to try my hand at the field of Japanese animation production.

■ Things I like about Japan
Kyoto, Hakone, Atami

usagi (Taiwan)
■ My path to studying abroad in Japan
I began to look up to Japan after watching Slum Dunk on television as an elementary school student. That led me to study Japanese after finishing high school. This is my 5th year in Japan.

■ Current activities
Recently, I am crazy about travel! I live in Kyoto, and lately I have been entranced by Kyoto's charm after visiting various ancient sites such as Gion, Kiyomizu-dera, and Inari-taisha, and experiencing Kyoto's historic culture. I just love Kyoto! I also want to travel further afield in the future, so I am working a part-time job to save up money now.

■ Things I like about Japan
I love sakura cherry blossoms. They make me feel at peace every time I see them!
I also like the look of Japanese towns. Petals on the ground, old Kyoto machiya townhouses, pretty little flowers in front of people's homes, children and parents playing together... it is like something out of a TV drama. I love how beautiful and calming it all is.

Yoon yejin(Korea)
■ My path to studying abroad in Japan
Spurred on by a trip to Japan during high school, I studied Japanese for a year and a half after graduating, and then came to Japan for study.

■ Current activities
I am currently a 3rd year university student.
I focus on town planning and regional revitalization in my studies.

■ Things I like about Japan
I like the Kiyomizu-dera and Ryōan-ji temples. I like them because I feel calm when I am there!

■ My path to studying abroad in Japan
I studied for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for around a year and a half after graduating high school, then was admitted to Ritsumeikan University.

■ Current activities
I am a 3rd year student at Ritsumeikan University

■ Things I like about Japan
Kyoto, and Odaiba in Tokyo.

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