The report by foreigners

Nishimura Coffe Motomachi Store

Since the store's inception, we have continued our commitment to roast the finest coffee beans from each production area, that have been aged for over a year. We apologize for any inconvenience because we do not mass produce the beans like factories do, but we welcome our patrons from the bottom of our hearts. We're located close to Chinatown, so please stop by for a little break whether you're sightseeing or shopping. We believe that you can enjoy this space where you can unwind.
The first floor is the smoking section, while the second floor is wider and built for nonsmokers. Our products are all offered with love and care.

■The voice by international students
ZHANG Yan(Taiwan)
I'd like to recommend Nishimura Coffee Shop for when you feel like taking a short break from your shopping.
The coffee shop has a great relaxing atmosphere! Smokers can light up on the first floor and the second floor is for non-smokers. Smokers and non-smokers alike can spend a comfortable time here.
Delicious coffee prepared by Nishimura's baristas use specially selected coffee beans from around the world and are roasted in-house. Coffee lovers are very much welcome!
You can also buy adorable coffee gift sets here!

Yoon Sungwon(Korea)
Here is a cafe that feels a little bit like a blast from the past.
It was a very thorough and beautiful cafe.
You could tell that this was a cafe in business since 1948.
The coffee sold by the cafe and other goods are wrapped up so beautifully to give as presents.

Here's a cafe to help you unwind after all that shopping.
It's such a stylish and cute cafe!
The cafe serves coffee as well as a vast drink menu full of other items.
The store has a very cute, high-end feel that I would especially recommend.

▲ Coffee made with carefully selected coffee beans

▲ You can buy some to take back home with you

▲ There is a roasting machine in the store

▲ Our coffee also makes a great gift

Nishimura Coffe Motomachi Store
■Address2-6-3, Motomachidori, Chuo-ku Kobe-shi, Hyogo, 650-0022, Japan
■Opening Hours8:30~22:00
■Holiday Only January 1

Internation students who mentioned the impressions this time
ZHANG Yan(Taiwan)
■ My path to studying abroad in Japan
I have liked Japanese anime and drama since middle school, and that has led to my love of Japanese culture. After graduating high school, I made the decision not to go to a Chinese university but to go to a Japanese one instead. Now, I am enjoying a fun and productive life at university in Japan.

■ Current activities
I am passionate about my seminar activities. My research theme is Sino-Japanese relations as seen through Japanese and Chinese joint production films. I am interested in the future of the China-Japan relationship, with its cold political relations but hot economic relations.

■ Things I like about Japan
Japanese people are all friendly and kind. Also, no matter where I go, the scenery is beautiful.
I particularly like Japanese history, so I love historic shrines and castles.

Yoon Sungwon(Korea)
■ My path to studying abroad in Japan
After graduating junior college as a Japanese language major, I prepared myself for studying abroad, got accepted to a Japanese university, and am currently studying in Japan.

■ Current activities
I am majoring in psychology at university. I am still a 1st year so I cannot say anything concrete, but I am most interested in consumer psychology, and am performing experiments and research about consumer psychology at university, too.

■ Things I like about Japan
I like that Japanese people do not express their interest in other people. Of course, Japanese people will take an interest and wonder what other people are doing, but they will not express that externally. I think that is good, and it shows a unique form of Japanese consideration for others. Additionally, I like Japanese food and find that the food culture here suits me well.

■ My path to studying abroad in Japan
I studied for the Examination for Japanese University Admission for around a year and a half after graduating high school, then was admitted to Ritsumeikan University.

■ Current activities
I am a 3rd year student at Ritsumeikan University

■ Things I like about Japan
Kyoto, and Odaiba in Tokyo.

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